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when life literally bites. and sucks.

Matsuzaki Suguru
17 November
[This is the character journal for Suguru, a character in the rp ghostsugar_rp. This is NOT a journal for a real person.]

PB=Mamiya from S no Yuuitsu, M no Zettai

Name:  Matsuzaki Suguru (松崎 優)
Gender: male

Age: posing as 16, actual age is 148 (see profile)
Grade/Homeroom Class: 2nd year, homeroom 2-B
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Birthdate: November 17th
Blood Type: V He prefers a nice cool A, or a warm and fruity O positive...
Hobbies: playing dating sim video games, watching TV, sleeping, reading manga and magazines, trying to talk to girls and getting shut down
Favorite School Subject: Art and music, the ones you have to study least for.
Favorite Foods: Tomato juice, coffee milk, very rare meat
Favorite Color: Black, dark red, purple
Favorite smell: baby powder. His deodorant is Powder Fresh.
Favorite Comic Books: Crappy harem manga, and he loves X-men and Spiderman even if no one else around him does.
Hates: The smell of garlic, the sound of chewing gum, people who disrupt his sleep, people who tell him what to do
Secret Worries: His dry ashy skin, which he has to use a lot of lotion on all the time; being tied down to a woman who will make his life miserable.

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